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things to do in cameron highlands

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Malaysia and one of them is Cameron Highlands. I have been there a few times and it is definitely one of my favourite places in Malaysia to get some fresh air and enjoy a cooler tropical climate. In this post, I will be sharing my travel tips and guide to Cameron Highlands including the best time to visit, how to get there, must-see places, what to do and things to do in Cameron Highlands.

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Cameron Highlands Travel Guide

kuala lumpur to cameron highlands

Cameron highlands is the largest hill station located in Pahang, approximately 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur. The highlands were founded by a British colonial government surveyor, William Cameron and as an honour, the highlands were named after him. Cameron Highlands is additionally known as little England because of the old British era exterior design and architecture. Numerous Tudor style houses that were originally built by the British are still remaining now which attracts not only tourists but also locals.


Best Time to Visit Cameron Highlands

Best time to visit cameron highlands

The temperature in Cameron highlands is usually around 14 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius. Most people said that the best time to visit Cameron highlands is from December to February as the temperature is getting cooler.  I personally think the best time to visit Cameron Highlands is anytime as it always has a pleasant temperature.

NOTE : Speaking from my experience, I will say visiting Cameron highlands on public holidays is the worst time, not only will you get stuck in a bad traffic jam but you will have to wait longer for a taxi / grab car to go anywhere around. Also, the fare will be higher because of TRAFFIC JAM so if it is possible, avoid visiting Cameron highlands on public holidays.


How to Go to Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur

how to go to cameron highlands from kl

 There are two ways you can travel to Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur by :

1. Renting a car

My friends and I rented a car to get to Cameron highlands on my first visit. It took around 2 – 3 hours to reach there. Driving your own car is probably more convenient because you can visit many places without hassles and you can save on transportation costs as well.

NOTE : If driving is not convenient for you, you can book private transfer through Klook.

2. Taking a bus

On my last trip, I took a bus to Cameron highlands. Normally, it would take approximately 3 – 4 hours to reach but due to the bad traffic on the public holiday, it took us 5 hours to reach there. You can buy the tickets online at Bus Online Ticket or Easybook or over the counter in Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). It costs around Rm 70++/ person for a 2-way ticket. The bus will stop at the Cameron Tourist Information Centre & Tanah Rata where you will need to get a taxi to reach your hotel. Getting to Cameron Highlands by bus will be a bit of a hassle for you to go to other places in Cameron highlands as you need a taxi to take you to your destination so you might have to consider extra transportation costs needed.


Where to stay in Cameron Highlands

where to stay in cameron highlands

There are two famous towns in Cameron Highlands where you can stay on your trip : Tanah Rata and Brinchang.  Both towns are great and they are located 5 km away from each other. If you are travelling on a budget, staying at Tanah Rata will be suitable for you as most of cheap hotels and homestays are located in this town.

My list of recommended best places to stay in Brinchang Cameron Highlands :
  • Copthorne Cameron Highlands Hotel

Book your stay at AGODA 

copthorne cameron highlands

On my latest trip to Cameron Highlands, we stayed in a beautiful hotel in Brinchang, called The Copthorne hotel. The Copthorne hotel is situated at the top of a hill, approximately 1600 m above sea level overlooking the mountains, lush greenery and Brinchang valley. It allows you to enjoy stunning views of the highlands while breathing the fresh mountain air.

copthorne hotel cameron copthorne hotel brinchang

We booked a superior room but we were lucky to get upgraded to the suite room. The location is really strategic. A few tourist attractions, food places and markets were just walking distance. Overall, we enjoyed our stay in the Tudor-style Copthorne Cameron Highlands and If I return to Cameron Highlands, I will be gladly staying with them again.

  • Nova Highlands Hotel
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  • Kea Garden Guest House
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My list of recommended best places to stay in Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands :
  • Avillion Cameron Highland
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  • Century Pines Resort
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  • The Smokehouse Hotel
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  • The Bala’s Holiday Chalet
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  • Casa De La Rosa Hotel
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  • Cameron Highlands Resort
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  • Sleepbox Hotel
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NOTE : If you prefer to stay in unique apartment than hotel, you can also book it through Airbnb. There are many choices of lovely and spacious accommodations with strategic location. If you sign up here, you can enjoy USD 30 off on your first Airbnb stay.


Things To Do in Cameron Highlands

There are numerous of fun activities in Cameron Highlands whether you travel solo or travel with your friends, family or significant other. Here is my list of must-see places and top things to do in Cameron Highlands.

For those who travel to Cameron Highlands without own transport, I recommend to book a day tour to be able to visit most of Cameron Highlands attractions. You can book through your hotel or you can book from KLOOK or VIATOR. When I stayed in Copthorne hotel, I booked a tour from the hotel desk. It was a full day tour starting from 9 am to around 4 pm and it cost around Rm 55 / person.

Book your Cameron Tour at KLOOK : DAY TOUR | HALF DAY TOUR

1. Visiting BOH Tea Plantation & Factory

cameron highlands tea plantation places to visit

Along the way to go to BOH tea plantation, you will be amazed with the beautiful lush scenery and greenery. You will be tempted to explore around the tea plantation area to get some fresh air and capture some good pictures.

places to visit in cameron highlands activities

The tour guide that accompanied us for the trip was very friendly. He explained to us the history of the BOH tea plantation and also brought us to the factory to see the process of making the tea. Then, we also visited the BOH tea shop where you could buy various flavours of the BOH tea for a gift or for yourself.

Next, we visited a cafe just on the top of the BOH tea plantation. The place is always crowded so you have to keep an eye out for a good spot. The open terrace places are definitely a perfect spot that allows you to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views of the tea plantation while drinking a cup of hot tea with some pastries.

2. Dropping by Lata Iskandar Falls

cameron highland waterfall tanah rata

best place to visit in cameron

If you are driving to Cameron Highlands, you can always drop by Lata Iskandar Falls. It is easy to find as the location is just off the main road that will lead you to the Highlands. You can find a few markets selling fruits and souvenirs on the sides of the road. If you are travelling by bus it will not be convenient to go because the bus will not stop at the falls.


3. Shopping at Strawberry Park

strawberry park cameron highlands trip

strawberry cameron highland park

There are few strawberry parks and shops in Cameron Highlands. I visited a few and the famous one is Big Red Strawberry. Just like the name, everything in this place is strawberry. You can buy a lot of strawberry shaped things in here such as dolls, key chains, umbrellas and more. Also, you will find a cafe and restaurant over there which primarily sell all foods that are made from strawberries such as milkshakes, juices, pancakes, cookies, jams and many more. If you are a strawberry lover, this place will be your heaven.


4. Searching for the Rafflesia flower

When I saw the tour package for the first time, searching for the world’s largest flower was what I mainly wanted to do however during my visit, the trip was closed because Rafflesia flowers were not blooming so we could not do this tour. Hopefully we will be able to do it on the next trip.


5. Exploring Mossy Forest

mossy forest cameron highlands

 Exploring a mossy forest is really interesting. I was amazed that most of the trees and branches were covered with moss. I guess this is why the forest is called a mossy forest. One good thing about this forest is, it is safe from mosquitoes. The chilling weather inside the forest allowed us to explore the mossy forest without being worried about getting bitten up by those blood suckers (Mosquitoes).

cameron highland attraction blog

At the end of the mossy forest journey, you will see the Brinchang tower. Climb up to the top of the tower to enjoy panoramic 360-degree views from the tallest tower in Cameron Highlands.

NOTE : Entrance fee will be charged per entry :

  • For Malaysian, Adult : Rm 10 and Children : Rm 5
  • For Foreign Visitors, Adult : Rm 30 and Children : Rm 15


6. Hiking up to Mount Brinchang

Mount Brinchang is the highest peak in Cameron Highlands which is covered by a mist of clouds.

mount brinchang cameron highlands travel

Our tour guide said there were two ways to hike up to Mount Brinchang. First was through the way that required you to pass the jungle trail and walk through muddy roads to reach there. Second was through the main road near Boh tea plantation.

best place in cameron highland attractions activities

 If you love adventure, you should go for the first way. I chose the second way because I was wearing a skirt at that time and I wanted to avoid the muddy road 😛


7. Visiting the Butterfly Garden

butterfly garden cameron highlands

The butterfly garden is located just a short walking distance from Copthorne hotel. You can find a lot of beautiful colourful butterflies and a variety of insects, reptiles, animals, flowers and plants.

rose farm cameron highland

NOTE : Entrance fee will be charged per entry : Adult : Rm 5 and Children : Rm 2


8. Visiting Cactus Valley

For those who love cactus, you should definitely pay a visit here. The place is huge and you will see plenty of choices of cactuses and plants selling at a reasonable price.

NOTE : Entrance fee will be charged per entry : Adult : Rm 5 and Children : Rm 3


9. Visiting Lavender Garden

A beautiful place in Cameron Highlands for pictures will be Lavender Garden. Do not forget to treat yourself to Lavender Ice Cream while you are there.

NOTE : Entrance fee will be charged per entry : Adult : Rm 10 and Children : Rm 7


10. Visiting the Night Market and Chilling at the Hotel

cameron highlands resort copthorne hotel

Cameron Highlands has a lack of nighttime activities. Most tourists visit the night market or just chill at the hotel at nighttime. Staying at the Copthorne hotel would kill our boredom at night because the lobby is equipped with a snooker and foosball table where I can play by buying coins from the counter.

My Thoughts

must visit places in cameron highlandsCameron Highlands is definitely a good place to drop by when you are travelling to Malaysia. If you are bored with the city views and seeking somewhere peaceful where you can get some fresh air and enjoy nature, or you’re looking to escape the heat, Cameron Highlands is perfect for you.

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