Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Langkawi Island During Your Visit to Malaysia

Top Reasons Why Langkawi Island is a Great Travel Destination During Your Visit to Malaysia

When I was still a first year student at Taylor’s university, I heard my mates mentioned about Langkawi island so I asked Mr google and did some research about it and guess what? I fell in love at the first sight with this island just from my finding. I told myself that I should visit Langkawi one day and 2 years ago, I finally had a chance to see the beauty of Langkawi island for the first time. I went there again last year and beginning of this month. I can never seem to get enough of it 😊

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Langkawi Island

A Little Bit About Langkawi Island

Langkawi Island

Langkawi island is one of the most popular island in Malaysia and it is situated 30 km off the northwest of Malaysia. Langkawi island has commonly known as ‘Jewel of Kedah’ and the name itself means ‘The Place of Immense Beauty’ which is definitely true. Langkawi island is located close to the equator therefore the island enjoys consistent temperature and perfect climate which make it possible to visit Langkawi island throughout the year.

Best Time to Visit Langkawi Island

A lot people choose January to March to be the best time to visit because it is well known as dry season or summer time therefore during that time, this island will be busy and full of tourists. I personally think that April to July will be the best time to visit because it is less busy. my first trip was on July and my second trip to Langkawi island was on August. I did not enjoy my second trip that much due to the weather. it was sunny in the morning and kept raining on the afternoon.

Getting to Langkawi Island

Langkawi Island

With this modern days, travelling to Langkawi island will not be difficult anymore. There are 4 ways you can choose to get to this island. 

  • By Car – You can rental car from Kuala Lumpur, drive to and park your car at Kuala Kedah/Alor Setar  and take ferry from there to Langkawi island. Driving to Langkawi island will take approximately 6 hours, depending on the traffic and driving speed.
  • By Train – You can travel to Langkawi island by train that operated by KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) from KL sentral. The train will stop you at Alor Setar train station and you have to take taxi from the station to  Kuala Kedah Jetty Terminal.
  • By Bus – You can find bus to Langkawi island from Pudu station. There are a lot buses that you can choose at the counters or you can book online through here. the bus will stop you at Kuala Kedah/Alor Setar and you have to take ferry to get to the island. Taking bus to Langkawi island will take approximately 11 hours because bus will has so many stop destinations
  • By Air – This is the fastest and most convenient way to get to Langkawi island. you can find direct flight with Malaysia Airline (MAS), Malindo Air, Firefly or Airasia from KL with only 1 hour flight time with low price (around RM150/$36 – 2 ways). you can get even cheaper when there is promotion time (around Rm100/$25). what a great deal!

Why You Should Visit Langkawi Island 

Strategic Location

Langkawi Island

With a lot of ways to travel to Langkawi island, It made this island to be easily accessible for locals or tourists. It is definitely a great place to stopover for tourists especially for those who are on their South-East Asia journey. It only takes 1 hour flight journey to get there from the capital city of Malaysia and you can get pretty good price for it. If you think you are done with Langkawi island and need somewhere new, you can even go to the neighbour island, Koh Lipe – Thailand from Langkawi but make sure you have a valid visa to visit to Thailand.

White Sand Beach

If you are travelling to Kuala Lumpur and bored with city view and you are looking for somewhere to relax, then Langkawi island is your perfect destination. This island enables visitor to enjoy a white sandy beach with beautiful view and it is a good spot for relaxing and watching sunset. Cenang beach is the most popular white powder sand beach in Langkawi island. it is the main and the busiest beach as you can find many of water sport activities, shops, nice bars and restaurants along the beach.

Langkawi Island

Langkawi Geo Park

Langkawi Geo Park

The Jewel of Kedah offers not only white sand beach but also breath-taking nature. Langkawi Geo Park will show you the scenic view of mangrove forests, caves, tunnels, waterfalls, wildlife, beaches and  limestone rocks. It has been recognized by UNESCO as the first Geo Park in Southeast Asia because of its beauty therefore, this is a must visit place in Langkawi island.

Sky Bridge and Sky Cab

Sky Bridge and Sky Car are the biggest attraction in Langkawi island. Sky Bridge in Langkawi situated 2,300ft above sea level and it is the longest curved bridge on earth. It allows you to experience an unique spatial view without limitation time. how nice it is but well, I was so disappointed because during my visit, this sky bridge was under construction so I did not get chance to experience it 😔

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Langkawi Island

Langkawi Sky Cab is the steepest cable car ride in the world. It allows visitors to enjoy stunning 360 degree view of Langkawi island and other surrounding islands. It is great place to hunt some awesome pictures.

Langkawi Cable Car

Sky Cab ticket cost Rm45/$11 for adult and Rm32/$8 for children. For more information, please check here

Langkawi Sky Cab

3D Museum Art

3D Museum Art

3D Museum Art is a perfect place for art lover or those who likes to take pictures. It allows you to capture a fun photo through unique image that will manipulate your eyes. this place certainly will blow your mind.

3D Museum Art

3D Museum Art
My Cute Boyfriend ❤

Note : Entrance fee will cost Rm38/$9 for adult and Rm28/$7 for children. 

Duty Free

Langkawi island has become a heaven for tourists and shopaholic because this island is a duty free island and this is the one of the top reasons why Langkawi island is a great travel destination during your visit to Malaysia. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of products such as chocolates, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, perfumes, luggage, sports shoes and cooking utensils in Langkawi at a low price compared to anywhere else in Malaysia.

If you are staying around Cenang beach, there are few duty free shops you can visit :

- The Zon Shopping Paradise

Opening hours : Daily 10 am – 9 pm
Address       : Jalan Pantai Cenang, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi
Contact       :+604 955 5300
- Coco Valey

Opening hours : Daily 10 am - 6.30 pm
Address       : Next to Underwater World and same location as The Zon Shopping Paradise
Contact       : +604 955 6100
- Cenang Mall

Opening hours : Daily 10 am - 10 pm
Address       : Jalan Pantai Cenang, Mukim Kedawang, 07000 Langkawi


Malaysia offers the variety kind of delicious foods which gives visitors a flexibility to choose depends on their preference. Langkawi island has so many nice restaurants with tasty foods that will make your mouth water so be worry that you will gain weight after holiday 😛 when you visit to Langkawi island, it is recommended to eat seafood and local foods and do not forget to experience beach front restaurant as it is a good spot to enjoy the view.

Langkawi Island

My Travel Tips 

  • Avoid travel during Malaysia public holidays because you need to pay double price for flight ticket. For more information about Malaysia public holidays, you can check here.
  • Use Skyscanner to get good deals for flight.
  • Visit night market when you are in Langkawi. It held every day of the week in few location. this is a great place for local street food hunting and good for your wallet. you can check here for more information.
  • If you are chocolate fans, do not forget  to bring extra luggage. this place is paradise for chocolate and alcohol fans. you can find very cheap deal at duty free shops.
  • Do visit duty free shop at Cenang mall on the second floor. If you are into Japanese snacks like me, you will love it.
  • Do check on FAVE as sometimes they have good deal for 3D Museum Art and Underwater World Langkawi entrance ticket.
  • Do not forget to enjoy sunset 🙂 

My Thoughts

Langkawi island is absolutely a great travel destination for me as there are many nice things to offer. I will definitely come back and explore to this tropical island again. If you are planning to travel to Langkawi island or still in doubt, I hope my blog is useful for you to make an decision.

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Bon Voyage!


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