Makeup Revolution Newtrals 2 Eyeshadow Palette Review

Makeup Revolution Newtrals 2 Eyeshadow Palette Review

On my recent trip to London, I found a new eyeshadow palette that became my favourite right now. It is Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Newtrals 2 eyeshadow palette. If you read my recent post or saw my latest tutorial video, you must already know that I was using the palette to create my Chinese New Year makeup look. In this post, I will be sharing my review and swatches for this beautiful eyeshadow palette. 


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The packaging of the palette is very basic. It comes in a rectangle plastic package, compete with ingredient info at the back. It is super light and slim which is suitable for travelling.

Price & Availablity

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I got my Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Newtrals 2 eyeshadow palette at Superdrug in England and it cost £5. It is available to purchase online at  Amazon, Ebay or their official website. If it is possible, I recommend purchasing online directly at their official website because the price will be slightly cheaper (It is just £4 on the official website). They also do international tracked shipping but with certain fees applied. If you are in Asia, you may be able to purchase through Carousel, Shopee or Lazada but please do your own research before purchasing to make sure the authenticity of the products. 


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There are a total of 15 eyeshadows in the palette. It comes with different shades of pink, magenta, brown, warm burnt orange in a mix of matte and shimmer shades. The colour shades offered are so beautiful and definitely easy to mix and match. The texture of the eyeshadows are super smooth and easy to blend. It is also highly pigmented and lasts long. I have been using these eyeshadows without primer for a week and it lasts for about 6 – 7 hours on average. If you wish to have more longer results than 7 hours, you can also apply the eyeshadow primer from Makeup Revolution or other brands you have.

Red Gold Eyeshadow CNY

My Thoughts

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Overall I am so delighted with my Makeup Revolution Re-Loaded Newtrals 2 eyeshadow palette and I really recommend it. The eyeshadows surprisingly have great quality considering the price I paid for the palette. The shades are so beautiful and blendable. I really love those pink and warm orange shades and I have been using it often ever since. There are other eyeshadow palettes offered by Makeup Revolution in a variety of shades. I will absolutely purchase more when I visit England again.

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Disclaimer: This product has been tested by me and the review is 100% honest based on my personal experience 🙂


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    The Daily Maria

    Very lovely palette

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      Hi Maria, Totally agree with you! I really love this palette ❤

      Btw, I read your latest post in your blog. What a lovely pics of you and your mom ❤ I admire my mom alot as well and reading your post makes me missing my mom so bad right now 🙂 I would love to leave this comment on your blog but I can’t find your comment section 🙁 Hope you can take a look and fix that 🙂

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    I really enjoyed your review. The colours look great x

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      Hi Laura, Thank you so much for reading my post 🙂 I am glad you enjoy it! I love the colours very much as well x

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    Jacquelyn Brooks

    I enjoyed your review of this palette. I haven’t tried shadows from Makeup Revolution yet, but have wanted to!

    -Jacqie @

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      Hi Jacqie, Thanks for reading my post. The palette has so many beautiful colours. Let me know once you try. I hope you love it 🙂

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