Review & Swatches: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation in Y215

make up for ever foundation MUFE ultra hd makeup makeup forever hd invisible cover foundation

make up for ever foundation MUFE ultra hd makeup makeup forever hd invisible cover foundation

I was never into foundation when I was a teen. I thought it was unnecessary and I preferred cc cream that adjusted very well to my skin colour. However, as I grew up and learnt more about makeup, I started changing my mind. Foundation does help to create a good complexion and flawless look if you are able to find a great foundation with the right colour for your skin tone. Searching for a good foundation is not easy as there are so many popular brands out there and you are not so sure which one will be a good one for you. Like many of you, I also want to find a great foundation for myself. I began to admire Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation after I tried the sample. I have one for myself and I have been using it for a while.Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation makeup forever hd foundation

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation 


The packaging of this foundation looks simple and practical. It comes in a plastic cylinder bottle complete with a black lid and handy pump dispenser. The bottle contains 30 ml of the foundation and it is very lightweight which is perfect for travelling. 

makeup forever ultra hd foundation makeup forever foundation hd make up ultra hd foundation

 The only thing that bothers me is I cannot see how much foundation is left in the bottle because of the bottle design that makes the foundation always look full.

makeup forever hd foundation y215 makeup forever make up forever pro makeup forever brand


Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation can be purchased online, at their official store, Amazon or Sephora and it costs USD 43 / Rm 200 for 30ml. I would not say that this foundation is cheap but I consider it pretty reasonable judging by the quality of the product and it definitely can be used for more than a year. If you wish to get it at a cheaper price, you can apply for a Sephora black member card and purchase it during a Sephora sale. The sale usually happens twice a year and the members can enjoy 20% off all beauty products in the store or online. makeup forever ultra hd liquid foundation y215 makeup forever sephora hd foundation makeup forever where to buy


There are 40 shades of foundation MUFE offers starting from lightest to darkest shades. I am currently using the Y215 shade that gives me a fair and warm skin tone which matches my skin tone. If you are not sure the closest shade to your skin tone, I recommend to purchase directly in the store as you can always use up the assistance from their beauty consultant.

One of the reasons I used to dislike foundation was because of the texture. I remember back then I had foundation on my face and was attending my parent friend’s wedding, it was not very comfortable. The formula was so thick and heavy it felt like I had an excessive amount of makeup on my face. If you ever watched a movie called Shaolin Soccer before, the scene when Mui (Zhao Wei) did a makeover that was how I felt my makeup was at the time. However, MUFE foundation is different. The texture is fluid and really lightweight. It also blends well into the skin which creates a natural flawless look.

makeup forever invisible cover foundation makeup forver makeup forever hd primer hd foundation review

makeup forever ultra hd makeup for ever holy grail foundation hd makeup

I find this foundation has a decent coverage. It contains a formula that will blur imperfection, that does well on covering redness, ashy undertones, light marks and pores but not for heavy acne and freckles as it can still peak through. To get better results on coverage, you definitely still need the help of a concealer. But anyhow, this foundation certainly makes your skin smoother, more pigmented and look healthier.

hd foundation review make up forever hd makeup forever reviews forever hd foundation

Make Up For Ever ultra HD foundation claims that it can be used on all types of skin, however I would say it is more suitable for dry to normal skin because this foundation contains a hydration formula. For oily skin, it will be better to start with makeup primer as it does help in oil control to stop the oil breakthrough and creasing the foundation. I still recommend to apply makeup primer before the foundation for any skin type because not only the primer helps in oil control and hydrating but also it helps your makeup to stay longer.

makeup hd foundation make up for ever hd mufe hd foundation

I use Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer Primer and I personally recommend it because it does really well with hydrating and they also come with different kinds of functions depending on your texture, tone and need. For example, if you are looking for a primer that concentrates on brightening, you should go with the light purple packaging.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Step 1 Skin Equalizer

I have been using Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation the past few months and I love it. 

ultra makeup make up hd forever cosmetics make up for ever ultra hd

My Thoughts

Corresponding with the name, this foundation does give me a HD look that creates a flawless complexion for on and off camera. In fact, this is one of my holy grail foundations and I am positive that it will always be my favourite.

makeup forever ultra hd foundation review hd make up forever forever make up

makeup forever foundation review make up for ever ultra hd invisible cover foundation

best hd foundation mufe ultra hd foundation mufe foundation makeup forever foundation price

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    Sweetheart, you don’t even need foundation! Your skin is great 🙂 I haven’t tried this foundation.The fact that it has a pump dispenser is always a selling point for me. Do you find this foundation creases though? I suppose the primer would help that from happening?

    1. Reply


      Aww thank you for your compliment, dear but the truth, I do still need foundation to cover up my flaws and make my skin look smoother and healthier 😀 yeah! totally agree! I love foundations with pump dispensers because it makes it easy to use and control the amount of foundation you use. I do not find creasing issues with this foundation but I think it was because I only applied it in thin layers to my face and yeah, the primer and the transparent finish powder definitely help to prevent the creases 🙂

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    Your skin looks great even before you use the makeup but I love using Makeup Forever.

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      Hi Maria, Thank you for your compliment 😀 That’s really sweet of you. High five! I love Make Up For Ever products as well. They are really great 🙂

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