The Journey of My University Life

My life journey in Malaysia started when I decided to apply for admission to Taylor’s University as an international undergraduate student. few months before my final exam took place and my senior high school year ended, I was having hard time to make decision which university I had to choose. This decision was so important as it related to my future life so I really did put maximum thought and consideration about it. My consideration was applying to university in my capital city, Jakarta, Malaysia or Singapore. First, I was considering few universities in my capital city. I had taken few exam tests for scholarship application and I got it however at the end I did not apply for any universities in there even they offered me scholarships and that were universities where mostly my friends applied to. Second, I was interested in applying for university in Singapore however after I have done a lot of research, the fee and living cost was quite expensive. I knew deep inside that my parents could afford it if I really wanted to but I really did not want my parent to spend that amount for my education so I did not apply for it. Last, I went for few universities visit in Malaysia before I made up my mind and when I saw Taylor’s University and did research about it, I fell in love with this university and I was sure this was a place where I wanna spend my university life.

The Beginning of My University Life

Taylor’s University building was still new when I was there.  literally not many people knew about this university at the time. I knew few universities in Malaysia but I never heard this university before. they have few branches in Malaysia and the new building which known as Taylor’s lakeside was where I was gonna be. 😉

University life

In order for me to get into this university, I had to to pass either IELTS  or test given from them. I took challenge by choosing IELTS as I have studied and prepared it from my English private tuition but I failed. my result needed 0.5 more to pass. It was sad but I have to face the truth. my lowest score was in speaking section and I was aware of it. that was my weakest part as I had not talked much with anyone in English other than my English teachers and English is not my first language. I was not giving up because of my result and a good news that I passed the English test given by them. Thanks to my parents and my English teacher who supported and helped me a lot.  that was how my university life began.

Taylor’s University

I still remember my intake started on October 2010 and I had to wait 4 months as my high school ended on June 2010. I was so excited yet nervous at the same time thinking how my university life would be. I was gonna staying and studying in country that I had not been longer than 3 days, speaking with more people in English, making new friends, exploring new environment and new stuffs and all of those things made me so excited. I was sad as well thinking that I would be staying far from my parent for the first time in 18 years of my life but It was life and I had to accept it for my own good for my future.

University life

Beginning of my university life, I was staying in private hostel called U RESIDENCE.  It was safe and convenient for international student like me as you would stay around university which was just 10 minutes needed to go to your class. wasn’t it good? you did not have to wake up early, take bus and worry being late to class. that hostel did not provide washing machine but they did provide laundry service store and they did provide microwave and fridge as well. There were some places to eat around so you did not have to worry end up starving. When I was staying there for the first time, literally it was just few places to eat. After few months and year, they kept improving their facilities. now, they have gym, Hotel, restaurants and more food places. they even have Starbucks, how nice it is? basically the concept of Taylor’s university is to create luxury and elite style, good environment for study and not to forget better quality for education. I am proud to be Taylorian! 😀

Taylor's university

My first year at university went as my expectation. I am friendly so it was not hard for me to make friends. a good news that I had few friends from same hometown studying in same university as me so I had a company. I faced some difficulty in my English and that annoyed me a lot. I could not speak fluently, fully understand lecturer explanation and  I always missed out some points due to lack of my English. I was worried that it would affect my study however I never gave up and kept trying my best and found the ways to improved it and it really helped me a lot. in my second years, I made alot of improvements and I was getting better and better and third years, I did not face that difficulty anymore and mostly just struggled for assignments and exams 😀

I had graduated on  2013 and I really enjoyed my university life for 3 years and I felt time fly so fast especially in my last year of  my degree. I was really glad to be able to have such an amazing university life experience and have a chance to study abroad. If I can give an advice, I will suggest that if you have an opportunity to study abroad, do not miss it. you will learn and gain valuable experiences which will be essential for your future.

My Thoughts

Speaking as student who had experienced university life before, choosing the right university and right major are very important as it will affect your life socially and professionally. your choice will determine every moment for your life therefore you have to do more research and choose carefully.


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