The Ultimate Travel Guide to Maafushi Island, Maldives

Maafushi Island Guide Maldives Local Island

Maafushi Island Travel Guide

The Maldives are one of the dreamiest places many people wish to go. Enriched with turquoise waters and beautiful coral reefs, the Maldives islands are famous for the unique beauty they hold. As I mention in my previous post, the Maldives consists of private islands and local Islands. In this post, I am going to share tips and guides for my favourite local island that I visited during my Maldives trip which is Maafushi Island.

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Maafushi Island Travel Guide

What you should know about Maafushi Island

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Maafushi Island is one of the islands that the Maldives has. Maafushi Island is a local yet a very beautiful friendly place and of course, it is a budget friendly island compared to the private islands. This place is going to make you fall in love with it.

Maafushi Island being a local island, the people here are mostly Muslims. So, you are actually not allowed to wear a bikini in public areas to show respect towards their culture. But, you don’t have to worry, as there is a private beach (which called Bikini Beach) in the island where you are allowed to wear a bikini. Since there is no alcohol sold on the island you would have to go to a private resort or Floating Bar and Safari to have it.

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The shops here in Maafushi open up around 9 am till 10 pm. They also close several times a day for 15-20 minutes for prayer breaks. You will see warm welcoming people here and they are always there to help. Just for your information, Maafushi Island is where the biggest prison is located but undeniably the island is very safe to visit.

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How to get to Maafushi Island

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 There are two ways to reach Maafushi Island from Velana airport. You can either go by a public ferry service or get yourself on a speedboat.

Getting to Maafushi Island by Public Ferry Service

The cheapest way to reach Maafushi Island will be with the public ferry service. Please be mindful that there is no direct route to Maafushi Island from Velana international airport, so you have to get it from the capital island, Male instead. The ferry service to Male is available in the airport and the terminal can be found near the domestic terminal. I was told that the public ferries from the airport to Male run often (every 10 minutes) which takes around 10 minutes’ ride for only $1. If you prefer a quicker way to get to Male, you can choose speedboats which take around 4 minutes ride for $2. Find out here for the latest public ferry schedule.

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From Male, take a taxi ride to Villingili Ferry Terminal which is on the other side of Male. The taxi can be found easily around the jetty and it will take around 12 minutes ride for RF 25 or approximately $2 (Beware of additional charge RF 5 for luggage). Once you reach the terminal, you can buy the ticket to Maafushi Island at the counter for  $3 that takes approximately 1 and half hours’ journey time. You can check out the Maafushi ferry schedule here ( For safety reason, please do recheck with your hotel for the latest schedule).

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Important Notes:
  • There is no ferry departed to Maafushi Island on Friday.
  • Purchasing tickets online is not available so getting to the jetty earlier to buy the ticket will be the best way.

Getting to Maafushi Island by Speedboat

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Getting to Maafushi Island by Speedboat is surely not as cheap as taking the public ferry service but I personally prefer this option because it is more convenient and fast as you can get the direct speedboat from the airport to Maafushi Island. I used Icom Tours for the speedboat transfer and I totally recommend their service. The ride costs $20 per person for about 45 minutes journey to Maafushi Island but I paid for $25 per person because it was late night ride. The schedule and seat availability can be found on their website, online booking is also possible.

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iCom Tours

Phone: +960 7902069 / +960 7792069 /+960 7712069 
Email: [email protected]
  • If you reach at night (later than 10 pm), you can contact the customer service counter in the airport, there is still a possibility that Icom Tours is able to arrange for the transfer but the cost will vary depending on the number of passengers at the time.
  • If you need to contact your hotel, you can use the airport phone located in the customer service for free.

Where to Stay in Maafushi Island

Whether you are planning to stay in Maafushi Island for a day or a week, the area around this island has affordable accommodations that would fit everyone’s need and budget range. There are accommodations available in Airbnb as well. Sign up here to get a discount for your first Airbnb booking.

Here is the list of Maafushi hotels that I recommend :

  • Water Breeze Hotel 

This place used to be Water Breeze Guesthouse but now they have upgraded to Water Breeze Hotel. When I traveled to Maafushi Island, I stayed here for 4 nights and it just costed me for $245. The room is so clean and the bed is so comfortable. I totally recommend to stay at Water Breeze Hotel.

Check here : Agoda | TripAdvisor | | Website

Water Breeze maafushi guest house

  • Crystal Sands Beach Hotel

I did not stay at Crystal Sands Beach Hotel but I did passed by and went to the hotel because I join the excursion tours from this hotel. The hotel looks clean and nice from inside and outside. 

Check here : Agoda | TripAdvisor | | Website

Crystal Sands Beach Hotel maafushi hotels

  • Arena Beach Hotel

This hotel has perfect location as the Bikini Beach is just exactly in front of the hotel.

Check here : Agoda | TripAdvisor | | Website

Arena Beach Hotel maafushi island hotels
Image Source : Arena Beach Hotel
  • Kaani Beach Hotel

Check here : Agoda | TripAdvisor | | Website

  • Kaani Village and Spa

Check here : Agoda | TripAdvisor | | Website

  • Whiteshell Island Hotel & Spa  

Check here : Agoda | TripAdvisor | | Website

  • Kuredhi Beach Inn

Check here : Agoda | TripAdvisor | | Website

  • Stingray Beach Inn

Check here : Agoda | TripAdvisor | | Website

Where to Eat in Maafushi Island

The island not only has a number of affordable accommodations but also dining places with a reasonable price and wide range foods from local, Asian to international. If you want to try a Maldivian local dish, definitely try out Tuna Kottu Roshi. It was so delicious and I really enjoyed it. Kothu Roshi Maldivian cuisine

Also, do not miss out to try the buffet in Arena beach for around $15++/person. If you have a sweet tooth, check out the Fine Bake by Suzy, one and only bakery store on the island.

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Here are some nice dining places on the island :

Note : Maldives has 10% Tax & 12% GST

Things to Do in Maafushi Island

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Most people who travel to Maafushi Island will go for swimming and relaxing on Bikini beach. There are a few activities that are taking place on the island. From exploring the island, water activities, snorkeling to booking excursion activities. The price of excursion packages offered on this island are also pretty reasonable compared to the ones offered on the private islands, so definitely a good deal for you to explore the paradise and witness the beauty of Maldives.

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My Thoughts

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Maafushi island is absolutely one of my favourite islands to visit in the Maldives. The island offers numerous accommodations, dining places and tour activities with affordable prices which is great for the pocket. If you are planning to travel to the Maldives on a budget, without a doubt I recommend to check this island out.  

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