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I have been working and saving up for a few years now and have gotten to the point where I am financially stable and have more than enough to reward myself with a designer bag. I have been in love with 2 bags (YSL Wallet on Chain and Louis Vuitton Speedy bag) and uncertain of which bag I should get. After careful consideration, I finally decided to get the Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 25 in Monogram canvas as my first designer bag. I never regretted my decision because I am still loving this bag so much.


 LV Speedy Bandouliere 25 bag

louis vuitton handbags lv bag speedy 25


Price and Store

lv speedy 25 bandouliere price

While there are a few official LV stores where I live, I decided to purchase my Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 25 bag in England because the price is way cheaper plus I am qualified to obtain the tax refund. The difference can get up to £300 after the tax refund which is absolutely a great deal. Initially I was planning to purchase it in France as the price will be slightly cheaper than in England, however I didn’t get a chance to visit France yet and I just can’t wait any longer to own my first LV bag.

harrods london christmas

I purchased my Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 25 bag in Harrods, London. It was so convenient as I can claim my tax back immediately at Harrods. The UK VAT refund rate will be 12% but you won’t be able to get it fully as it still has to deduct some fees.

  • Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 25 bag Price in UK 2019 (before VAT refund) : £950 
  • Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 bag Price in UK 2019 (before VAT refund) : £720 


designer bags lv speedy 25 monogram

THE DIMENSIONS: L25 x H19 x W15 cm

The Strap : Rounded handles & Adjustable shoulder strap

Style & Size : Speedy Bandouliere 25

Canvas: Monogram Canvas

Bag Style

The speedy bag is one of the most iconic Louis Vuiton handbag collections. The bag is well-known as a perfect city bag because it is very stylish, lightweight, supple and never goes out of style.

The style of the speedy bag comes in 2 versions : Classic Speedy and Speedy Bandouliere. Both versions look pretty similar although the things that distinguish them will be the price and the strap. The classic speedy is a couple hundred cheaper than the Speedy Bandouliere, coming with only rounded handles and no cross-body strap. I personally love to carry the bag with the cross-body strap than the handles thus I opted for the Speedy Bandouliere

Bag Size

speedy b 25 monogram louis vuitton classic bag

The Speedy Bandouliere bag is made in 4 different sizes (25, 30, 35, 40) and the numerical sizes refer to the length of the bag. Initially I wanted to go for size 30 but after I tried it out in the store, I found that size 25 looked better on me (I am 163 cm / 5′3′′), so I decided to go for size 25 instead.

Bag Canvas

louis vuitton monogram canvas speedy bag

lv speedy bandouliere canvas

There are a few different canvas choices for the speedy. I love Damier Ebene and Monogram canvas but I made up my mind with my Speedy Bandouliere on the Monogram canvas because it looks more classic and it will develop gorgeous patina over time. However, Damier Ebene is a beautiful canvas as well and it is easier to maintain than monogram and Damier Azur canvas because of its dark brown colour. Anyhow, you definitely can’t go wrong with either canvas.

Wear & Tear

louis vuitton speedy 25 wear and tear

I have had my Speedy Bandouliere since January 2019 and the bag still looks new and gorgeous. I’ve had no stitching or zipper issues, no canvas wrinkle nor cracks, hardware and canvas still looks shiny and excellent as when I bought it.

I wear this bag once or twice in a week and I did not baby this bag in an overdramatic way but still, I treat it gently. I try not to carry my bag in the rain although there was one time I was forced to let my bag get wet from drizzle and yet, after I wiped it, the bag remains in perfect condition.

What I Love and Don’t About The Speedy Bandouliere 25

It is certainly not hard to find the reason why I love my Speedy Bandouliere. The bag is very lightweight and versatile. You can wear it in different styles as you like and it is just easy to match with any outfit. Also, the bag is very spacious and easy to carry around. Despite choosing the smallest size (25), this bag can hold a lot of things. I occasionally travel and I was looking for a bag that can fit a lot of my travel essentials (passport, ticket, wallet, phone, makeup, camera, etc. and this bag is the perfect fit.

lv speedy bag lightweight versatile

Furthermore, the Speedy Bandouliere, being a classic piece of Louis Vuitton collection makes it a very good investment. The bag can retain its value and the price is actually increasing over time which is an additional reason to love the Speedy Bandouliere.

There are only two things that bother me a bit about my Speedy Bandouliere. The bag can easily lose shape, especially when the bag is full of things. However this is not a big deal because you can place a DIY cardboard frame to maintain the shape or buy it. Lack of compartments is also another issue for me. Sometimes it is just difficult to find small things that I put inside my bag but again, you can use pouches or special customized bag organizers for a speedy bag to solve the compartment and the shape issues.

My Thoughts

louis vuitton small crossbody bag review

Regardless of the flaws, I still love my Speedy Bandouliere bag so much. Whether you are choosing your first luxury designer bag or just wanting to add more luxury bags into your collection, I truly recommend you to consider looking into the Speedy Bandouliere. The bag is a timeless piece, looks elegant, is practical and versatile, which are the main points I love about the bag. The fact that this bag can hold its value is another strong reason why the Speedy Bandouliere is a perfect piece you need for your collection.

If you are considering to purchase the Speedy Bandouliere bag, I hope my review will help you in making your decision.


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    It is great that you got yourself a Speedy Bandouliere bag!! I almost bought the same one – love its size!

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