How to Apply for a UK Visa for Foreigners in Malaysia

February 8, 2018

how to apply for uk visa uk visa application uk tourist visa uk visa information

how to apply for uk visa uk visa application uk tourist visa uk visa information

Last month I just came back from the United Kingdom and it was absolutely an awesome trip. If you follow me on Instagram, I am sure you already know I had an amazing time over there for Christmas and New Year. A trip to the United Kingdom is an incredibly exciting opportunity but the process to obtain the UK visa can be a little bit intimidating for the first time. Therefore, I write this post to guide you and share my experience on how to apply for a UK visa.


  • I applied my visa again in 2019 and the documents checklist and process are still the same.  
  • My UK visa application was done in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you apply for the UK visit visa in another country, the fee and the additional service fee might vary but the supporting documents and the process steps will be similar. 

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UK Visa Application

uk visa supporting documents documents required for uk visitor visa uk visa application requirements how to get uk visa

Do I Need Visa to Visit the UK?

Before starting the process, do check whether you need a UK visa. If you don’t need UK visa, then this post definitely is not necessary for you. If you are in doubt whether your nationalities need a visa to enter to the UK, please check here.

What Kind of Visa Do I Need?

If you need a UK visa, the first thing you have to decide will be knowing what kind of visa you need. Different visiting purposes have different types of visa and a different process. For example, if you visit the UK for business or study, some documents required will be different from a tourism visit. Hence it is essential to be certain of what kind of visa you need. You may check here for the further information.

Note: I will be discussing about tourism visa in this post

How to Apply for a UK Visa?

do i need a visa to visit the uk how long does it take to get a uk visa uk visa cost uk visa online application visa to uk

The first step for the visa application can be done online through VFS (Visa4UK) or AccessUK service. If you apply though VFS, firstly you need to create an account and then fill in the online application form. You may need some time to complete the form as there are quite a lot questions to answer. It is compulsory to provide the information such as personal identity, your travel plan, purpose of visit, the details of your stay, estimation of your travel cost, your job information, your income, your expenses, your travel history in the past 10 years (as shown in your passport).

Once you finish the application, you have to pay the visa fee online before it takes you to the last page. The visa costs USD 122 / Rm 500+ (Apply at Oct 2017) with up to 6-months validity. It was so expensive. Definitely get heartache if the visa gets rejected. >_<

Once your payment is completed, it will direct you to the appointment page. You can book and choose the date for your appointment. I recommend to choose 2 or 3 days from the day you complete the application because from my experience it took 1 day to send the appointment letter to my email. After you receive the appointment letter, do not forget to print and bring it together with the visa fee receipt.

Note: The earliest you can start to apply for a UK visa is 3 months before your travel plan.

What Documents Do I Need to Apply for The UK Visa?

Please ensure all documents submitted have to be in English and have to be removed from any folders such as ring binders as these cannot be accepted during the application.

UK Visa Documents Checklist

Below is the list of required documents you should bring when you attend your appointment.

  • Original current and old passport

Your passport needs to be valid for the entire trip and need to have a blank page on both sides for your visa.

  • Original valid working visa in the country you apply for your UK visa (If applicable)

If you are a foreigner and working in another country, this is essential to show.

  • Copy of your citizenship ID
  • Recent photograph with passport size (45mm x 35mm) and light grey background. (Applicable only if you are exempt from giving biometric data)

You may check here for further information of photo requirement.

  • A copy of your Bank statements from the last 6 months

There is no information given for the minimum money you should have in your bank. Just have a reasonable amount with the estimation of your expense for the period you will be spending in the UK.

  • Proof of earnings / payslip (copy) from the last 6 months (For working adult)
  • Original letter from your employer (For working adult)

The letter has to be printed out with company letterhead complete with your employment details such as your role, salary, company contract details, start date of employment and confirmation of your leave absence. you can find my sample here.

  • A Copy of your employment contract (For working adult)
  • Official letter from your school / University stating you are student (For Student)
  • Original invitation letter together with copy of his / her passport (If applicable)

If you have family or friends from the UK inviting you over to the UK and you are going to stay with them, the invitation letter can be a supporting document for your visa application. Here is my sample of invitation letter.

  • Original sponsor letter completed with his / her passport copy and the last 3 months’ bank statement (If applicable)

If one of your family is the one who will sponsor you for the trip, you may provide a copy of his/her birth certificate as well to prove your relationship.

  • Parents passport copy (this is not necessary but I do provide this as well)

Also, do not forget to bring:

  • A printout of visa fee receipt (Get this from your email)
  • A printout of the appointment letter
  • A printout of your online application form signed and dated

Appointment Day

On your appointment day, please be punctual. It is advisable to come 5 minutes earlier than your appointment time and show your appointment letter to the officer once you arrive. If you bring a bag along, they will instruct you to put your bag in a locker. Only documents, wallet and phone (make sure to turn your phone on silent mode) are allowed to bring it together with you. The guard will give you a number and perform security check on you before allowing you into the file submission room. Safety is always priority for them.

Once you are inside and they call your number, you can submit all the supporting documents to them, afterwards they will ask you to wait awhile for your turn to the scanning room. Inside the scanning room they will verify your personal information and do an iris and finger scan and then you are done.

If you do not like to wait long for your finger and iris scan, you can pay for the VIP service (Another RM 199 / USD 50). This service will provide you with a premium lounge with sofa, TV, free biscuits and drinks (tea, coffee, canned drinks).

uk visa apply for uk visa uk tourist visa requirements uk visa process visa4uk uk visa processing time
VIP Lounge

The normal UK visa application processing time will be within 15 working days but I was lucky to receive it pretty quick. It was just within 8 days. If you wish to get a quicker result (within 5 days), you can pay for an express visa (About USD 100++).

You are also required to pay another RM 10 / USD 2.5 (inclusive of GST 6%) for the SMS service. This service is part of the application to allow them to update your visa application status and you will also receive the automated email at the same time. If you are paying for VIP service, this will be free for you.

My Thoughts

I was a bit worried at the submission time because I completely did not have any guidance. I was filled with anxiety as well as many people said the UK visa was quite difficult to obtain. I read online that many people get rejected and during my application time, I saw it with my own eyes that the person in front of me was having the rejection letter and it definitely gave me an uneasy feeling.

Luckily, it was all just in my mind. I still remember the feeling when I received a call from the VFS at the morning 8 days after my application. It definitely made my day. Everything turned out excellent.

Overall, the UK visa application process was not as intimidating as I thought in the first place. If you follow the guide and provide complete and reasonable documents, I am sure everything will be alright. I was also impressed with their service. All the staff officers are very nice and friendly and the process is very quick and reliable. They obviously take pride in their customer service.

how to apply visit visa for uk uk visa requirements uk visitor visa uk visitor visa

If you are planning to go to UK for a holiday and are going to apply for the visa by yourself, I hope this post is useful for you. Good luck and do not worry too much.

If you have any questions about the UK Visa application, you can drop the comment below or contact me. I will be happy to answer it for you 😀

UK Visa Application Center - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Suite 19.06 19 Floor,Wisma MCA, 163 Jalan Ampang, 50450

Opening hours: 
Application submission and Document collection
Monday to Friday (Excluding public holiday)
08:00 – 14:00


Thank you for reading my blog 😊


∞ ♥ Elvira ♥ ∞


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    Agness of Fit Travelling

    Such an exceptional read, Elvira. I am sure many people will find this info very useful and I’ll make sure to share your tips which my friends in Malaysia.

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      Awww thank you for reading my post and willing to share it to your friends It is very sweet of you ❤

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    Indian Eagle

    Thank you for sharing great information this is very much helpful in processing my Visa

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      You’re welcome! I am glad you find it useful Good luck for your visa

  3. Reply


    Do we have to submit all documents and etc at British embassy in Kuala Lumpur or is there is any vfs office

    1. Reply


      Hi Ali, Sorry for my late reply. For visa application purpose have to be at VFS office. If you are planning to apply in Kuala Lumpur, you can check the address in bottom of my post 🙂

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    First I would like to appreciate for such an amazing article. It is very useful seriously. I want to ask one question. I’m Pakistani national studying in Malaysia for my masters. I want to apply for UK visa from Malaysia. All the documents you mentioned are ready with me except the bank statement I have my father’s bank statement but not mine as I’m a student I don’t have enough amount in my bank. So what should I do now?

    1. Reply


      Hi Mehak, Thank you so much for reading my post and I am so glad that you find it useful. I apologize for the delayed response. If you are still student, you can show your father’s bank statement as a the supporting document. This means that your trip is going to be supported and sponsored by your father. In this case, you also have to provide your birth certificate (with a professional translation in English) and a sponsor letter from your father. The letter should state your father name, your relationship with him, the amount of money available (Should be the same as on his bank statement) and that he gives his consent to the money being used for your trip in the UK, attach with your father’s bank statement as evidence that the money promised is really available. I hope this is helpful for you. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck for you visa application 🙂

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    First, Thanks for useful information for foreigners visiting UK.

    Do you still remember which link you used to fill the application form “through VFS (Visa4UK) or AccessUK servic” since website” says… we can’t use VFS link for applying UK visa.

    You must use the Visa4UK service if you want to apply for a visa if you are:

    a diplomat or official
    exempt from immigration controls

    1. Reply


      Hi Vishwanath, Sorry for the delayed response and I am glad you find this info useful 🙂 I used AccessUK link. I did asked them about both link and they told me VFS (Visa4UK) is the new UK visa application website and AccessUK is the old website and both website can be used to apply for UK visit visa 😀

  6. Reply


    are you a solo traveller when you apply for a visa in UK?

    1. Reply


      Hi Mike, Sorry my late reply. I don’t really get your question but I hope this answers your question. I applied for the visa by myself 😀

  7. Reply

    Jonathan Raj Thangarajoo

    Hi, did you have to surrender your passport when you went to wisma MCA for your application, while waiting for visa approval?


    1. Reply


      Hi Jonathan, Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, you have to pass the passport together with necessary documents when you apply for the UK visa because once it gets approved, they will stick the visa in your passport 🙂

  8. Reply


    Hi Elvira
    Thank you for the infomative article.
    I am studying in Malaysia and going to the UK for a short training workshop. Does my Malaysian visa need to be up to certain months validity before it is acceptable? Thank you

    1. Reply


      Hi Binta. Thank you for reading my post. I am glad you find it useful. Well normally it is recommended to have valid visa for not less than 6 months upon UK visa application but since you go there for training workshop purpose, you may get the sponsor letter from your workshop and show them as a proof 🙂

  9. Reply

    Le Quang Dung

    Thanks for the good information. Have a good day

    1. Reply


      I am glad you found it useful! Thank you for reading! Have a great day 🙂

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    Thats a wonderful write up exactly what i was looking for. Have a query though. When i try applying through the online portal( it asks me to confirm that i must be able to travel to sabah or sarawak(only 2 options) for my appointment. If i say no, it asks me to select a different country for appointment. Is it not possible to have an appointment in kuala lumpur?


    1. Reply


      Hi Sampath. When I applied at the time, I was able to choose Kuala Lumpur as my visa application center. I go to the website now and I notice the same problem as yours which only shows me Sabah and Sarawak. I suggest you to apply through Visa4UK because i knew someone just did and was able to make an appointment in Kuala Lumpur 🙂

  11. Reply


    Hi Elvira, may i know we have to travel to Sabah or Sarawak when doing the appointment (because it is stated when applying from Malaysia)? or we can do the appointment in Kuala Lumpur?

    1. Reply


      Hi Esther. No, you don’t have to travel to Sabah or Sarawak. You can definitely do it in Kuala Lumpur. However I notice there is a problem in the AccessUK website. Somehow it only showed Sabah and Sarawak as the option. I suggest you to apply through Visa4UK because I knew someone just applied through this service and she could choose to make appointment in Kuala Lumpur 🙂

  12. Reply


    Hi Elvira,
    Thanks. Just to give a try i went ahead to complete my application in the new portal. And just before making payment it again gives an option to choose the appointment centre. And this time it does list kuala lumpur and was able to book an appoinment in KL. 🙂


    1. Reply


      Hi Sampath, Thank you for the update and I am really glad to know you are able to make the appointment in KL. Good luck on your visa application 🙂

  13. Reply


    Hi Elvia,
    Any idea on how to apply for the Schengen Visa from Malaysia to visit Switzerland ?

    1. Reply


      Hi Sampath, I haven’t applied any Schengen visa yet. I know that Switzerland does not have any application center in Malaysia so if you want to apply Schengen visa to Switzerland, you should go through Austrian embassy in Kuala Lumpur or VFS. You may read further info here. Hope this is helpful for you 🙂

  14. Reply


    Hi Elvira thanks for the information it’s so helpful…..But I was wondering what type of questions do they ask during the interview. Thank you so much

    1. Reply


      Hi Mashal, I am glad you find my post useful. It was actually just basic questions 🙂

      Such as :
      – What is your full name, date of birth, PP number (For them to check whether it matchs with the given info)
      – What is your purpose of visit?
      – Which places do you plan to visit in UK?
      – How long are you planning to visit?

  15. Reply


    Hey Elvira, Excellent explanation of the process. Though I have a query….do I need to buy plane tickets , book hotels before I proceed to apply for tourist visa?

    1. Reply


      Hi Niladri, I’m glad you enjoy read my post. You don’t need to buy flights and travel tickets in order to proceed for a visa application. According to their guideline, they do not expect us to purchase flights or confirm travel arrangements until your visa decision has been received. However, I think you can attach hotel booking as supporting document. Just make sure you have the option to cancel it anytime without any charges 🙂

  16. Reply


    Ohh I see, thank you! Also when submitting the documents, do we have to submit both the original and photocopy or just the photocopy. And is it okay if we don’t provide an original sponsor letter at the appointment but provide it after, cause my sponsor mailed the letter late but he did scan me a copy. Sorry for asking so many questions thank you so muchh

    1. Reply


      Hi Mashal, Sorry for the late reply. During the submission time, you submit the original passport and photocopy documents all together and it is advisable to submit all document at the same time because you may not have a chance to resubmit additional documents. If it is not possible to get your letter on time, you may use the scan copy, attached with your sponsor passport copy 🙂

  17. Reply


    Hi Elvira ,Manwin here from Malaysia, i just read another in google search if i am to stay no longer than 6 months than i do not nee visa , unless i am planning to stay longer than 6 months. i believe you applied as you are student and are planning to stay longer than 6 months to complete your studies.

    i want to also know what about work visa. the visa that you have applied does it allow you to work?? if so is it as part time , full time or certain amount of hours in a week only.

    thanks & regards

    1. Reply


      Hi Manwin, Sorry for my late reply. Since you are Malaysian, it is true that for tourism purpose, you are allowed to stay for no longer than 6 months without a visa. I am Indonesian, working in Malaysia so I need a visa to visit UK 😀 The visa I applied was tourist visa with validity of 6 months and no any works allowed. If you are planning to work there, you should check out for UK work visa 🙂

  18. Reply

    Muhammad Afiq bin Abdul Wahid

    Hi there! I’m just curious about something. I found from the Internet that Malaysians have visa-free access to the UK, given it is for tourism purpose for not more than 6 months. Does this mean that Visa is not needed at all to travel there?

    1. Reply


      Hi Afiq, Yes you are right! for tourism purpose, Malaysian citizens are allowed to stay in the UK for up to 6 months without a visa 🙂

  19. Reply


    Hi Elvira, Such an amazing guide! just one question — In applying the UK visa, does it require already a plane ticket that will comes with the application? If yes, can it be one way ticket or should be round trip?

    1. Reply


      Hi Nikki, Sorry for my late reply. Thank you and I am glad you enjoy reading my post 🙂 Well, According to their guideline, they do not expect us to purchase flights or confirm travel arrangements until your visa decision has been received. When I applied my UK visa, I didn’t provide any plane ticket 🙂

  20. Reply


    Hi Elvira, thanks for the details in your blog. I have some questions regarding the online application in the visa4uk website. However I entered some problems during registration. I did not receive any email for verification after the registration, whilst ensuring my email address and my browser page are all correct. With no mails in the junk/ spam mail box. Can you assist me what to do next? This is so worrying

    1. Reply


      Hi Lynda, I am glad you enjoy reading my post. Do you mean that the first step, you register your account in Visa4UK website and you didnt get a verification email? if yes, you may go to homepage, click the log in button and click the “forgot your password” link. you will get the email for the link to unlock your account.

      If the email address you have entered is invalid, you will have to register again. You do not need to make another account for another application. Simply choose “Apply For Myself” or “Apply For Someone Else” when you log in to your account. Your account will be active for two years from the last time you logged on.

      Hope this is helpful 🙂

  21. Reply

    Joanna Chiew

    As I am based out of Miri Sarawak, I had been trying to plan in anticipation of our appointment for the Visa application at the VAC in KL. I understand that upon receiving CAS from university, I should make an online Visa application and at the same time schedule an appointment at the KL VAC. I would like to know how soon after I submit our visa application online can I successfully schedule this application please. Ideally I would like to schedule the VAC appointment either on the same day or the following day after the online application. However, I need advice on the actual situation/possibilities in practice so that I can plan ahead for my trip from Miri please.

    Thank You

    1. Reply


      Hi Joanna, Sorry for my late reply. Are you Malaysian? If you are, you don’t need to apply a visa to travel to UK. Regarding for appointment schedule, I suggest to schedule your appointment 3 days after you have completed your online application because it can take 1 to 2 days to get the appointment letter in email and without showing the appointment letter, you are not allowed to go for the appointment. Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  22. Reply

    Nasir Hussain

    Hi, Elvira Thank you for sharing great information this is very helpful in processing my visa,
    First I would like to appreciate your for such an excellent article, it is very really useful and, Actually I want to ask a question that, I’m a pakistani and I’m working here to last three years as a legally,I have 4 work permit of construction, so now I want to visit visa for UK so how I can apply and what are the requirements for that, and will you please tell me about that what, if I no understand the rules or requirements so how I can use any Ajent fro this. Thank you very much…..

    1. Reply


      Hi Nasir, Sorry for my late reply. I am really glad that you find my post useful. As long as you have a legal work permit in Malaysia, no matter what kind of Job you have, you can follow all the requirement stated in my post.
      1. Make sure you have all required document for visa application (Refer to document checklist in my post).
      2. Complete your online application through VFS (Visa4UK) or AccessUK service.
      3. Schedule your appointment and pay the visa.
      4. Bring all the required document, visa receipt and appointment letter during the appointment time.
      5. Submit all document, do iris and finger print scan.
      6. Done and just wait for the result.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  23. Reply


    Hi, i did create an account with Visa4uk, until i noticed there is a “new service” link which is goes to AccessUK. Therefore i make another account with accessUK. Can i just continue my application with AccessUK, and just leave the account created at Visa4uk? Or how? I totally confused which should i proceed? And how to apply for an express visa, any link? Or same with the above? Many thanks.

    1. Reply


      Hi Florence, Sorry for my late reply. Yes, you can just continue your application with AccessUk. As long as you haven’t done the payment, you still can switch to the other service. For the express visa choice, you can choose once you are at the payment section. Hope this is helpful 🙂

  24. Reply

    Lai SZ

    Hello! Do we need to provide photo for the visa application? Thank you

    1. Reply


      Hi Lai SZ, Sorry for my late reply. You need to provide recent photograph if you are exempt from giving biometric data. During my application, photo is not required as I need to give my biometric data. Hope this is helpful 🙂

  25. Reply

    Su Keen

    Hey Elvira, such a good guide here i found!! Good job! Just one question – Let’s say after apply for the student VISA, if I’m not able to get it before my flight to UK, is it possible to get them send to my university in UK?

    1. Reply


      Hi Su Keen, Thank you for reading my post 😀 Do you mean applying for a UK student visa? If yes, I am really not sure for that. The guide I mentioned in the post was only for UK visit visa 🙂

      1. Reply

        steven allens

        Excellent Job Elvira… i am currently a postgraduate student here. but going to UK for my undergrad graduation ceremonry pls is scanned colored bank statement from my sponsors acceptable ?

        1. Reply


          Hi Steven Allens. Yes, color scan bank statements are accepted as long as the docs are real and issue by the bank itself 🙂

  26. Reply


    hi elvira.
    such a good guide. i have questions i would really appreciate it if you can guide me a lil more.
    1. i should apply the visa before i am leaving right?
    2. i and my husband plan to work there. can you please tell me what kind of visa i should apply for?
    3. about the appointment date, you mean i should choose the date after my arrival in uk? or in kuala lumpur?
    4. should i buy my flight ticket now or after the confirmation from uk?

    1. Reply


      Hi Aleesha, I am truly sorry for my late reply. Thank you for reading my post
      1. Yes, you need to have your visa ready before you visit there.
      2. Work visa has 2 categories : Long term and Short term work visa. You can check here for further info.
      3. The appointment date is the date you are going to submit all your necessary supporting documents which is in Kuala Lumpur (if you are applying from there).
      4. According to their guideline, they do not expect us to purchase flights or confirm travel arrangements until your visa decision has been received.

      Hope I answer all your questions

  27. Reply

    Geralda Maureen Rahadiani

    hello. I want to ask how do you pay your visa fee with? credit card / cash/ debit card? Thankyou. Y

    1. Reply


      Hello Geralda, I am truly sorry for my late response. You can pay with credit card, debit card or paypal. They accept visa & master card

      1. Reply

        Geralda Maureen Rahadiani

        I went to UK last month with the help of your blog post 🙂 It is super helpful Thank you so much!

        1. Reply


          Hi Gerald. You are most welcome! I’m glad to know this post helps you on your visa application and I am truly happy for your UK trip 🙂 I am sure you had so much fun there 😀

  28. Reply

    KJ Lau

    Hi Elvira,
    Is Malaysian consider as British overseas territories citizen?

    1. Reply


      Hi KJ Lau, sorry for my late response. As I know Malaysia currently is a sovereign nation so they are not considered as British Overseas Territories citizens. Unless for those who born in Penang or Malacca before 1957, they are still British Overseas Territories citizens but not British citizens 🙂

  29. Reply


    Hi Elvira, I’m expat working here in Malaysia how about I don’t have relatives or friends in UK is it possible to spend vacation there even without invitation letter? Thank you.

    1. Reply


      Hi Zaldy, Sorry for my late reply. It is okay if you don’t have friends or relatives there, you are still able to go to UK for vacation. Invitation letter is only optional, it is not compulsory document 🙂

  30. Reply


    Excellent Job Elvira… please is colored scanned bank statements accepted. I am a foreigner running my MBA here, but going to UK for my Graduation. and my sponsors ain’t in Malaysia. so the bank statement where electronically sent to me.

    1. Reply


      Hi Allen, Sorry for my late response. Thank you for reading my post 😀 Don’t worry! Color scan bank statements are accepted as long as they are truly issued from the bank itself 🙂

  31. Reply


    hi elvira its quit good blog and i am going to apply my brother visit visa for uk he married with local lady in malaysia..malaysian peoples no need visa right ? so is it i apply visa for him on vfs or uk have own official website? or can i get your whatsapp ? or wechat ? or line ? for further assistance if you dont mind. thanks

    1. Reply


      Hi Awais, Sorry for my late reply. Yes Malaysians dont need any visa to visit UK but your brother still need to apply visa even though he married with malaysian. The visit visa process step will still be the same as I stated in the post. you can apply either through VFS or AccessUK service 🙂

  32. Reply

    Valentine nwodo

    please how do i make the payment of vip and express process? Is it before the appointment day or after the submission of your documents during appointment? Again i am an international students, here in Malaysia, applying for visit in u.k . please i need additional information apart from the general one already in the site.

    Thank you and Godbless!!

    1. Reply


      Hi Valentine, Sorry for my very late reply. The option of the payment of VIP and express process will be at the time you do your online application (before the appointment day). If you change your mind, dont worry because they will still offer you the VIP and express service during your submission time 🙂

  33. Reply


    I’m a working foreigner in Malaysia, if I granted a UK visa, can I fly from a different country to go to UK?

    1. Reply


      Hi Carol, Sorry for my late reply. If you granted a UK visa, you are only allowed to fly around UK regions : England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. If you want to travel to Europe, you cant enter with UK Visa, Instead you need to apply Schengen visa.

  34. Reply



    I am a foreigner and plan to go to UK in Feb 2019.

    I have a question as below:-
    Does it need a tenancy agreement

    1. Reply


      Hi Usana, Sorry for late reply. Do mean your Malaysia accommodation tenancy agreement? If that’s what you mean then it is not necessary to include that on your submission unless you own the property 🙂

  35. Reply


    Elvira hi.
    Thanks for such valuable information. I submitted my application 2 weeks ago. Is it possible to track status online?

    1. Reply


      Hi Nazira, Sorry for my late reply. I’m glad you find it useful! Normally it takes around 15 working days to get your result which is around 3 weeks. I am sure you must have got your result by now. for Uk visa, there is no online service to track your visa but there are 2 ways to check for your visa by providing GWF number with certain charges. you can find the further info here. You may also try to call VFS whether they can help to check, as for Australia visa, VFS does help to check for the visa status 🙂

  36. Reply

    Emmafeighna Vonrimah (@khulaemah89)

    Hi Elvira, thanks for sharing your information it’s really useful for me,i was thinking to make a trip to UK, but the problem is i am using Dosmestic Helper as my working visa in Malaysia but i am working as an clark in one of the private company, thought my working visa a bit complicated for applying visa to UK, but i am positively trying to apply. My purpose to apply visa is to visit my BF. My question is, how much the money should in the bank statement of the sponsor?

    1. Reply


      Hi Emmafeighna, I’m so sorry for my late respond. Thanks for reading and I’m really glad you find my post useful 🙂 Don’t worry about your working visa. I have a friend who has the same situation like you. She is working in Malaysia under general worker visa but she is actually doing a office job. She applied a UK Visa and She got it. The immigration staff didnt even asked anything related to the working visa matter. Just make sure to attach your copy of employment contract that stated your job, salary slips and you are good to go 😀

      Well, the UK visa rule actually didn’t really stated for the minimum amount you should have or your sponsor have in the bank. Just have a reasonable amount with the estimation of your expense for the period you will be spending in the UK. Just for your reference, during my application, I submit my bank statement which has around £6000++ and I have sponsor for accommodation which is a support for my application 🙂

      If you have any more questions, let me know 😀 Good luck for your application. I hope you get to travel to UK and visit your bf 🙂

  37. Reply


    Hi Elvira, excellent write with very helpful info. For the tourist visa do they ask you to present your isnt itinerary as part of the document requirement? Such as confirmed air tickets and accommodation Booking? Thanks

    1. Reply


      Hi Dora, Sorry for my late reply. Thank you for stopping by and glad you find it useful 🙂 According to the guideline, They do not expect us to purchase flights or confirm travel arrangements until your visa decision has been received. However, You can always attach hotel booking as supporting document. Just make sure you have the option to cancel it anytime without any charges You also don’t have to attach any trip itineraries of schedules as you will describe it when you fill in, on your online application 🙂

  38. Reply


    Hi dear Elvira! Nice and very Informative blog. I am applying for a dependant visa under tier 2 general visa. My husband is working in UK as a doctor. I am relying on his bank statement to support the financial there. I only have the online colored printed bank statement from the bank. I do not have the original bank statement as the bank is in UK. My husband is in UK Now. The same is to the payslip of my husband. I only have the printed online payslip. Is it acceptable? Thank you

    1. Reply


      Hi Nadia, Sorry for my late reply. Thank you for stopping by and glad you enjoy reading it 🙂 Don’t worry about that. You can attach scan colored copy of your husband’s bank statement & payslips. As long as it is genuine documents, you are good to go. You can ask him to write a sponsor letter for you so that, you can attach it as your supporting document for the visa application. Hope this answer your question 🙂 Good luck for your application 😀

  39. Reply

    Philip MacDonald-Milner

    Hi we found your blog extremely useful. I am a foreigner living in Malaysia and hoping to travel to UK at the end of May. I have traveled to the UK before, but this is the first time I will be applying as a foreign in Malaysia. Firstly, can you apply for longer than 6 months, for example 2 and 5 years? Secondly, how can we find out costs? Thirdly, is there an VFS office in Sarawak? If so, do you have a contact number or email address for either their office on Sarawak or KL. Fourthly, if we do have apply from KL, we are only going for a short time. Therefore, can we definitely pay extra to process and collect the visa within 5 working days or less? Also do you know the extra cost for this service and when do we request it and pay for it? Is this request made when doing the visa application? Thanks in advance. We would really a speedy response.

    1. Reply


      Hi Philip, Thank you for reading my blog and I am glad you find it useful 🙂 Yes, you can apply standard visitor visa for longer than 6 months. The other options will be 2, 5 & 10 years. Once you fill in the application and book for an appointment, it will ask you to choose the length of visa you wish to apply and it does shows the costs as well. It will be around £350 for 2 years, £636 for 5 years & £798 for 10 years. There is a visa application center at Sarawak & Sabah but unfortunately I dont have their contact number & email. They are very secretive for this information even the VFS in Kuala Lumpur never really reveal this information. If you would like to have a quick visa process, you can pay for priority visa service. It costs extra Rm 1230++ and your visa will take approximately around 5 working days. The option will appear before you proceed to the final payment. if you missed out that section, don’t worry because when you come for the appointment for submitting your supporting doc & biometric purpose, the staff will offer you the priority visa service so you can pay during the appointment time as well. Hope this is helpful 😀

  40. Reply

    Philip MacDonald-Milner

    Many thanks

    1. Reply


      You’re welcome! Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

  41. Reply


    hi Elvira,
    that ‘s a very nice guide, well done!
    I have got a question… my fiancé will be applying for a EEA family permit visa and one of the required document will be our marriage certificate.
    I am not sure if you can help me but do you know if the mentioned certificate needs to be legalized? People talk about getting it apostilled..

    1. Reply


      Hi Vittorio, Sorry for my late reply. Thank you for stopping by my blog and I am glad you find it useful 🙂 I have no experience for EEA family permit visa but as I read to the guideline and other people’s experience, if your original marriage certificate is written in English, it doesnt need to apostilled or legalized. their application was successful by just submitting the normal original abridged marriage certificate issued at the ceremony along with a copy of the marriage register as well. If it is not written in English, then you’ll have to provide a certified translation of any documents that are not in English. you can check the info here and here. Hope this helps 🙂

  42. Reply

    Lyn Reyes

    Hi Elvira,

    If my bf in the UK invited me and he said he will sponsor and pay for my whole trip including flight tickets. He works for the British Navy. Do I need to have a huge amount of money in my bank account? Can you suggest how much money I should have? I’m very scared because of getting denied.

    1. Reply


      Hi Lyn, Sorry for my late reply. Since you have bf who will sponsor for your trip, make sure to attach sponsor letter with his passport copy and bank statement as supporting document for the visa application.

      The UK visa rule actually didn’t really stated for the minimum amount you should have. Just have a reasonable amount with the estimation of your expense for the period you will be spending in the UK. I will say you need at least £4000 – £5000 just for safety (my personal opinion) but If your bf will sponsor all expenses such us accommodation, flight ticket & trip expense, The more essential thing will be he is able to show his financial statement to prove that he can support for your entire trip.

      As long as you submit all relevant documents together with complete supporting documents, you will be alright! Dont worry! Good luck for your application! 🙂

  43. Reply

    Alexander tariq

    Hey Elvira! First thank you and very much . I have a girlfriend in the England,and now I’m gonna go to after a month I will reach to Malaysia. I want to go to England by an easy way. I need your help to give me an clear and easy way how to go. Should she come to Malaysia? Should I go to an English embassy in Malaysia,what should I do now.

    1. Reply


      Hi Alexander, Sorry for my late reply. I dont really get your current situation. Have you applied visa and been to England before? Also which country do you come from? You need to have a valid reason to stay in Malaysia in order to be able to apply your UK visa in here. The only way to be able to visit your gf in England is by applying UK visit visa and the procedure will be like all details that I mentioned in my post. Hope this helps 🙂

  44. Reply


    Hi Elvira

    Thank you for sharing this information, it is very help full for me as im going to the UK in July for the British Formula 1.

    1. Reply


      Hi Eben, Thank you for reading my blog and I am really glad you find it useful 😀 Wow that must be really exciting! I would love to know how is it, if you dont mind to share 🙂

  45. Reply


    Dear Elvira, thanks for sharing. It has been very helpful. My friend, an India Citizen currently staying in Malaysia would like to apply for UK tourist visa for herself and her daughter. May I know, during the appointment at the VFS Global Office in KL, would the daughter be required to go as well to VFS office as her school is till 2 pm and VFS office close at 2 pm.

    1. Reply


      Hi Sarah, I am so sorry for my late reply. I am glad you find my post useful 🙂 During the appointment, Your friend and her daughter are required to attend the Visa Application Centre in order for them to have their photo taken and get the biometric done at the centre 🙂

  46. Reply


    Hi Elvira, I am an indonesian working in Malaysia. My employment pass in malaysia is till Oct 2019, and im planning for a UK trip on september, Does my employment visa need to have at least 6 months validity to apply for UK visa? So for example, If i apply for UK visa on June (4 monhs away from oct), would that still be alright?

    1. Reply


      Hi Putri, It is nice to know another Indonesian working in Malaysia as well 🙂 Anyway, sorry for my late reply. Well it isn’t officially stated but recommended to have at least 6 months validity because if you have less than that, they may think that you plan to find a job in UK once your employment visa expired. I knew someone who got her UK visa rejected due to her working visa validity less than 6 months but after she reapplied with her working visa more than 6 months validity, she was able to get the UK visa.

      If you have less than 6 months, I suggest you to request with your HR to mention it in the employment letter that you are going to extend your working visa once it expired. Hope this helps 🙂

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