Travel Guide to Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia – Berjaya Hills

December 12, 2017

bukit tinggi malaysia Colmar tropicale Berjaya hills

Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia is located in Pahang which is approximately 55 Km from Kuala Lumpur and it is about an hour from Genting Highlands. This beautiful small hills are owned by  Berjaya Corporation Berhad, therefore some people also called this place as Berjaya Hills.

Bukit Tinggi is also known as a French village in Malaysia because it surrounded by colourful European buildings, high castles and the famous French-themed resort; Colmar Tropicale. Stepping into the town surrounded by European design and architecture supported with the cooler weather will make you feel like you were in a European village. That is one of the reasons why it attracts not only tourists but also locals to visit.

Travel Guide to Bukit Tinggi berjaya hills bukit tinggi resort

How to get to Bukit Tinggi

KL to Bukit Tinggi

Option 1
  • You can get to Berjaya Hills by driving. It only takes around 45 minutes to reach there from KL and do not forget to prepare for the entrance fee if you drive your own car.
Option 2
  • If you are lazy to drive, you can always get there by bus. There is shuttle transfer service provided from Berjaya Times Square, KL to Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi with a few schedules. It costs Rm 38 for one way and Rm 60 for two ways which comes with a complimentary entrance ticket to the Botanical Gardens and Japanese Village. Good value indeed! Click here for more info about it.

colmar tropicale shuttle bus How to go berjaya hill Colmar Tropicale

Shuttle Service Schedule

Berjaya Times Square to Colmar Tropicale Colmar Tropicale to Berjaya Times Square
09.30 AM 08.00 AM
12.00 PM 10.45 AM
05.15 PM 04.00 PM
08.30 PM 07.30 PM

Where to stay in Bukit Tinggi

There are two resorts that I personally recommend to stay during your visit to Bukit Tinggi :

1. The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort

This resort is famous for their spa and wellness services so if you happen to stay here, do not forget to experience their excellent spa treatment. It is a first European spa resort in Asia and it is definitely a place to get ultimate relaxation for your muscles and mind.

The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort
Image Source : Thechateau
2. Colmar Tropicale Berjaya Hills

Colmar Tropicale is a beautiful french-themed resort that inspired by the original town of Colmar in France. Check out here for the review 🙂

colmar tropicale french theme resort bukit tinggi pahang


Things to Do in Bukit Tinggi 

1. Exploring Colmar Tropicale

Whether you stay in this beautiful French-themed resort or just a day trip, you should come and explore around here. There are a few restaurants and shops to stop by and the place is perfect for you to take some nice pictures. I recommend to visit this place during Christmas time. it is so beautiful with a lot of decorations and lights.

what to do at colmar tropicale berjaya hills pahang

things to do in bukit tinggi berjaya hills attractions

bukit tinggi malaysia attraction berjaya hills pahang

what to do in french village bukit tinggi
Christmas at Berjaya Hills Colmar Tropicale
Christmas Decorations at Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills
2. Visiting the Botanical Gardens and Japanese Village

berjaya hills japanese village

The Japanese Village and Botanical Gardens are situated 3500 feet above sea level. Both places are located just next to each other. The main attraction in the Japanese Village is the Japanese tea house where you can learn more about Japanese culture by participating in the tea ceremony. You can also rent a Japanese kimono to take pictures. The Japanese Village is a must place to visit when you come here because the place is so beautiful and it is the first Japanese tea house in Malaysia.

what to do in colmar Japanese village

japanese village colmar tropicale

bukit tinggi japanese village entrance fee colmar village

bukit tinggi pahang attraction colmar tropicale blog
3.Stopping by the Animal Park

If you travel with kids, they will absolutely love to come to this place. You can let them play with cute animals like deer and rabbit. Kids are also allowed to get a ride on a donkey.

Animal-Park Berjaya Hills
Image Source : ColmarTropicale
4. Visiting the Adventure Park

If you are looking for more extreme activities, you can come to the adventure park that offers fun activities such as paintball, canopy walking, a flying fox and rope climbing etc.

Adventure Park Berjaya Hills


Bukit Tinggi Berjaya Hills is really suitable for families or a couple trip. I recommend to just stay for a night or a day trip because there are not many activities to do around there. You can easily finish all the activities in 1 or 2 days. Coming via shuttle transfer to Berjaya Hills is a good choice as you can avoid paying the entrance and parking fee and get free entrance tickets to the Japanese Village and Botanical Gardens. Also, there is a free shuttle bus provided to go to the activities venue so you do not have to worry if you did not drive a car to Berjaya Hills. Overall, Berjaya Hills is a good destination for a short getaway and it is the perfect place for relaxing with your family or loved one.

berjaya hills colmar bukit tinggi

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