Things To Do in Krabi on New Year’s Eve

What to do in Krabi

Two years ago, me and my boyfriend decided to visit Krabi island, Thailand. It was a really special vacation because I went there to celebrate the turn of the year and it was the very first time in my life travelling with my boyfriend. In my teenage time, I always loved the idea of travelling with my SO because it is just sweet that you can experience new things together and create a lot of special memories together and at the same time, it will strengthen bonds with your SO. I do not know if it was just me or anyone else also has those same thoughts as me 🙂 So in 2014, I managed to make it happened and it turned out to be FANTASTIC. I was so glad that he was the first one I travelled with and not ruining my expectations.  He is the reason why I fell in love with couple vacation ideas. Since then, I cannot wait to spend many more vacations with him 😊

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Well, back to topic, so if you have been to Krabi for the new year’s celebration before, I am sure that you are looking forward to the next one and if you have never been there before, I will share my new year’s eve story and list of top things to do in Krabi on new year’s eve so you know how does the celebration look like and perhaps can be your next destination for new year’s eve celebration.

 Just for information, Thai people have 3 new years celebrations : International New Year, Chinese New Year and Traditional Thai New Year – Songkran Water Festival and what I am gonna talk about in this post is International New Year.

Things to do in Krabi on New Year’s Eve

 Attending Hotel Gala Dinner

Most four to five stars or luxury hotels in Krabi will have a Special gala dinner buffet for New Year’s celebration and many of them require you to pay that event in order to stay at the hotels.

New Year Gala Dinner Krabi

During our visit, we stayed in a beautiful resort called Peace Laguna Resort. This resort lets you enjoy the beauty of nature during your stay. It is surrounded by a stunning tropical lagoon overlooking a stunning limestone cliff and the amazing Andaman sea view. The resort is like a hidden gem. Not many people know about this resort location but it was just located few minutes away from the Ao Nang beach and it is easy to access to the main road, restaurants, bars and shops. The convenient location was one of the reasons why my boyfriend booked this hotel. So, if you are looking for a place to relax with a good location, this resort is certainly for you. Grab the private cottage and enjoy to the max your trip with your loved one.

Peace Laguna Resort

Peace Laguna Resort

We paid for the New Year’s Eve Gala dinner during our stay as it was compulsory. My boyfriend also paid more than usual price for our stay in the resort as well due to peak period. However, we did not regret anything about it. The foods were great and they served a variety of foods with free flow of wines.

Things To Do in Krabi on new year's eve

New Year in Krabi

Krabi New Year

Krabi New Year New Year in Thailand New year Gala dinner

The event also held some games and lucky draws. Our table held the luck at that night as we got the first call winning the lucky draw which was a free tour to the Phi Phi islands. However, we did not manage to make it due to the tour was still close during new year time and it was time to go back home 😔 

Lucky draw

It was such a fun night and we even got a new year gift from that lovely resort 🙂

Thailand gift

Countdown and Watching the Fireworks

If  you are not engaged in a hotel Gala Dinner or you wanted a more happening new year’s eve celebration, you could head down to one of the main beaches in Krabi. It will be nice to buy some beer and snacks along to chill out while you were waiting for the turn of the year. Try the famous Thai beer; Chang beer which you can grab in any 7/11 store. Otherwise you can grab some drinks in a bar around the beach area.

Chang Beer

As the beach got busy during new year’s eve, reaching to the beach earlier will be great to get a good spot. Also do not forget to bring a mat or towel to get a comfortable seat. I am sure you do not want the get a sandy ass or sandy pants while counting down and watching all the fireworks.


Releasing Sky Lanterns

Something cool that people do on new year’s eve in Krabi is floating lanterns up in to the sky for good fortune in the coming year. You will find a lot of people, both tourists and locals, gather in the beach, to set up their own lantern and watch it fly in to the sky.

Sky lantern in krabi

If  you do wish to have your own lantern too, I will suggest you to buy one earlier in advance in the market. I did not manage to fly a lantern on that new year because I was not aware that I could release a lantern to the sky in Krabi and I could not find anyone who sold those lanterns around the beach. I could guess that they are sold out fast because the new year’s eve popularity. Therefore, if you are visiting Krabi for new year, I will recommend you to bring one from home or else find it in the market before new year’s eve.

release fire baloon krabi

It is definitely a very special thing to do on new year’s eve in Krabi, either with your boyfriend or with your friends. Do not forget to make a wish together before you release your lantern in to the sky. But if you are not planning to float a fire balloon, you can still enjoy those beautiful lanterns lighting up the sky.


Have Fun!

Have you made your new years resolutions yet?  If no, maybe you should make one 🙂 If you are traveling with your boyfriend like I did, it will be sweet to do the new year’s tradition – a kiss at midnight.  Normally my boyfriend always kisses me about a minute before 12.00 am and finished it until 12.01 am so we both can have perfect ending and perfect beginning of the year together ♥ sounds cheesy? But believe it or not, people said that kissing on new year’s eve will bring some good luck for your relationship, so bear it in mind everyone!

What to do in Krabi

Lastly, just chill out, party hard and have fun on your new year’s eve!

Holding hand in beach

My Thoughts

Overall, do I recommend to visit Krabi for the turn of the year celebration? I totally do recommend Krabi if you are looking for a new year’s celebration on the beach. It is one of the most beautiful places on the earth to visit.

If you are still in doubt on planning your upcoming new year or you are in doubt what to do or things to do on new years eve celebration in Krabi, I hope this post is useful for you to make a decision.

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Thank you for reading my blog 😊

Happy Holiday!


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