How To Get Job Opportunities in Malaysia As Foreigners

how to get job in malaysia job opportunities in malaysia


How to get job opportunities in Malaysia job search malaysia

It is definitely not easy to get a job in Malaysia as a foreigner because the company will need to pay extra fee to apply a work visa for foreigners. I have been loving Malaysia very much since I was a student, so I decided to find a job in Malaysia when I have graduated and I successfully got a job after few months of searching. In this post, I will share some tips on how to get job opportunities in Malaysia as foreigners.

How To Get Job Opportunities in Malaysia 

Speak Good English

You can’t deny how important the English language is in this modern day. It is the most commonly spoken language in the world and has been recognized as the language of international communication. In Malaysia, almost everyone speaks English and most companies will use English to communicate with their customers or clients so if you want to work in Malaysia, you have no choice other than to learn and be good at English.

Learn Local Language & Be Multi-language

Although the fact that most of the people in Malaysia can speak English, but you should still put into consideration to learn local languages and other languages as well. The most widely spoken local languages in Malaysia are Bahasa Melayu & Mandarin / Chinese Language. Being able to speak a local language & other languages will definitely increase your chance to get a job in Malaysia and at the same time, it can expand your professional network and it tends to be easier for you to socialize with locals.

Have good qualifications such as a Bachelors Degree or Masters Degree

Most of the companies in Malaysia will hire you only if you have good qualifications such as a Bachelors or Masters Degree. This rule is required for foreigners in order to get a working visa. Unless you are applying for a working visa under a low skill category, then you won’t need good qualifications.

Have Work Experience

If you have work experience before in jobs you are applying for, you might have higher chances to get hired especially if your previous experiences involve with some big or well-known company. If you have no work experience, you should find way to gain your experience & improve your skills. It can be coming from internship, voluntary jobs or building your own projects.

 Note : If you are applying for an IT and engineering related job in Malaysia and you really have relevant skills you might be able to get it in Malaysia as currently there is high demand but low supply of people in this area.

Great Networks

Knowing the right person or having good friends in Malaysia can also increase the chances of getting hired. They can give you some recommendations or introduce you to their company and give you a referral that eventually will help you to land a job.

Attend Job Fairs & Networking Events

There are job fairs held a few times every year in Malaysia and you should take the opportunity to attend them. You will have the chance to meet directly with employers and impress them and make yourself stand out from the competition. Also, often the job fairs will give you access to networking, some workshops and resume review which you can get necessary advice from.

Target Companies that hire foreigners

Always do some research before applying for jobs. You should target big companies and those companies who are willing to hire foreigners. Don’t search for small companies because mostly they are unable to provide a working visa. Also always pay attention to the job description, if it states that they prefer an applicant with PR status or someone who already has visa in hand, then don’t waste your time to apply.

Apply through different Job Sites

 Keep applying to as many as possible through different job sites or recruitment agencies.

 The job sites I recommend :

  • LinkedIn : Jobs search in LinkedIn consists of entry to senior level jobs.
  • FreshJobs : A job site that mainly focus on entry level jobs which are perfect for fresh graduates or people with little or no experience. So if you are looking for junior level jobs, you should definitely take a look at it at
  • Job Street : A job portal from Malaysia that includes jobs from recruitment firms & direct employers.

Be Patient and Keep Applying

Lastly, Be patient, Keep applying and Don’t give up. It might be painful to receive rejection emails, but don’t take it personally, instead respond to their rejection emails with gratitude. Please remember this, rejection is not a failure, you are just not the missing piece in their puzzle. So let it go and move one. If you are persistent and keep sending out your resume, I believe eventually you’ll get one so stay positive and I wish you the best of luck.

My Thoughts

jobs in malaysia for foreigners find job malaysia

Getting a job in Malaysia is definitely one of the best moments in my life. If you are planning to find a job or currently looking for a job in Malaysia, I really hope these tips are useful for you. Also, If you know anyone who is looking for jobs in Malaysia, I hope you can share this with them because it definitely feels nice to be able to help others. Sharing is caring 🙂

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    These are really good tips! I’m always on the look out for new places to move to! I’m moving to Azerbaijan in August, and I’m already thinking about where to move after I’ve been there for a few years. Malaysia always looks like such a beautiful country with so much interesting cultural points and amazing food too!

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      I have never been to Azerbaijan but will be glad to know how’s the life over there. Keep me updated 🙂 Malaysia is indeed a beautiful country. I’m sure you enjoy it 🙂

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    Ooh, I love these tips to get a job in Malaysia! It is so important that people apply to more than just one place. Thanks for sharing these tips~

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